spring 2020

*covid 19 update:

as of march 15, nvrc facilities will be closed. this may affect our spring term start date and performance date ~ stay tuned!


spring term:

*march 30-june 20

Parent Participation 2-3yrs

M       11:45-12:15pm       Ron Andrews

Tu      10:00-10:30am        Memorial

W       10:00-10:30am       Delbrook 

Sa      10:15-10:45am       Delbrook 


M       12:15-12:45pm       Ron Andrews

M       4:00-4:30pm           Ron Andrews

Tu      11:15-11:45am        Memorial

W       10:30-11:00am       Delbrook

Th       3:30-4:00pm          Delbrook 

Sa      10:45-11:15am       Delbrook 


M       12:45-1:30pm         Ron Andrews

Tu       10:30-11:15am       Memorial

W       11:00-11:45am       Delbrook

Th       4:00-4:30pm          Delbrook 

Sa      11:30-12:00pm       Delbrook 


M        4:30-5:15pm          Ron Andrews

Th       4:30-5:15pm          Delbrook 


Th      5:15-6:00pm           Delbrook