our philosophy

At Pink Petal Ballet, we believe in more than just teaching dance technique - we believe in helping to raise a generation of kids who are confident, kind and creative (and who also happen to be beautiful dancers!).


At Pink Petal, kids not only learn the basics of dance that will give them a strong foundation should they decide to pursue it in the future, but they also get a strong foundation about their place in the world and what it means to be the best human they can be. 


In recent years, the cases of anxiety among school-age and teenage girls has sky-rocketed. Let's put an end to that. Let's work hard together now to instill good habits around self-esteem, empathy to others and always being the best version of ourselves. Let's make a positive change.


Our Pink Petal team in North Vancouver runs regular 'mini-grit camps' to instill our message in a new generation of confident and kind kids so that they can spread their wings and soar happily through the sometimes complicated world of being a human.


Fun, fairy dust, costumes and epically-awesome performances are only a small part of how great Pink Petal Ballet is.


Come join the fun and see for yourself!

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