Participating in fun, confidence-building activities as a child with a skilled instructor leads to mental well-being in kids. At Pink Petal Ballet, we take your child’s brain development seriously. We’re here to provide a safe place for your small person to express themselves physically and to be themselves emotionally. Through learning dance and mindfulness, your child will gain social bonds, learn how to feel comfortable in a group, and gain insightful knowledge of how movement can affect their brains in a positive way.


At Pink Petal Ballet, we believe in more than just teaching dance technique - we believe in helping to raise a generation of kids who are confident, kind and creative, who have healthy, happy brains

 (and who also happen to be beautiful dancers!).


At Pink Petal, kids not only learn the basics of dance that will give them a strong foundation should they decide to pursue it in the future, but through

mindfulness training -

they also get a strong

foundation about their place

in the world and what it

means to be the best

human they can be.