(shift dance academy)

  • Only parents in the parent participation classes will be allowed in the building

    • (an exception will be made for parents taking their kids to the bathroom before class).

  • Parents and dancers will stand on the sidewalk on a blue dot, wearing masks before class.

  • Alix will let dancers in one at a time and sanitize their hands.

  • Dancers will wear masks until in the studio.

  • Instructors will wear masks the entire time.

  • In the studio, dancers will stand on their respective marks spaced 6ft apart from each-other.

  • There will be no touching other dancers during the class.

  • Dancers’ hands will be sanitized at the end of class.

  • Parents will stand on a designated spot at the back door of the studio to pick up their dancer.

In the case of Provincial Health Orders pertaining to Covid 19 shutdowns, classes will move to Zoom for a six-week period. If the shutdown lasts longer than 6 weeks, a credit will be given for the next term for the number of classes remaining in the term.

shutdown policy
(at SHIFT)