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you guys are so nice...

Hi Alix, 

I just showed Marc & the kids. We are all absolutely blown away. 

Thank you so much! I must admit, I'm surprised by how emotional your photos have made me feel today. They are stunning! 

You are incredibly talented. Thank you, 

~Molly N.


Dear Alix,

We really appreciate the photo shoot you did for us today. It meant so much!!! This was a celebration of "little family" and making it through the first 6 months. I have been experiencing some anxiety, stress and possibly depression at times being a new mom. Each day I put my best foot forward and press on. But, your comments today so honest and true were so refreshing. Seeing you today was a giant blast of positivity and atmosphere was comfortable, relaxing and one of full acceptance. Very, very meaningful for us... Thank you for your love -  I could feel it as you took pics of our family.

~Patrice C.

Hi Alix,

Thanks so much!  The kids keep wanting to watch the video.  Noah said when he watches it he feels so connected as a family!!  :-) 

~Julie N.

thank you

(the feeling is mutual)

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