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you guys are so nice...

"Just wanted to send you a little message to let you know how wonderful you are! Both my girls were lucky enough to have you touch their lives and you truly make a difference. When Ava started with you, Olivia wanted to make sure she saw you. We had some ups and downs with Olivia due to anxiety for a few years and through her toughest times you were a positive person and an incredible influence on her life. I hope you realize that as girls move on they will always remember you and all the love and positivity you put in them."

~Kelly Z.

"You are such an amazing teacher. It matters so much more to me that you are teaching our precious girls lessons about kindness and bravery and strength and that they love to dance and spin and dress up is just bonus. Do you see how they light up when you are there?!"

~Emma M.

"I cant thank you enough for all of the love, support, care and extra special attention you give to my little ladies and by extension, me too.
The lessons, courage and general awesome-ness you instill in the girls transcends so far beyond the wall of the rec centres. I’ve over-heard Soph telling Lils to “be the beautiful you that you are”, and Lils often tells me “chin up, heart open wide Mommy”. All that to say we love you so whole-heartedly and feel so lucky to have you in our lives."

~Lindsay D.

"A great big THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication.  You stay true to your vision, and always keep the kids and the importance of the EXPERIENCE at the centre. This community is soooo fortunate to have Pink Petal and most of all to have YOU."


thank you

(the feeling is mutual)

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