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Oh life...

As I age, I think I see more of the bigger picture. I feel a bit wiser. I see that we have to grab onto the small pieces of beauty that surround us every day and have to be active in creating our happiness. Creating beauty and sharing beauty is something that inspires me - it helps me make sense of the chaos.

Creating Pink Petal Ballet and Pink Petal Photography are two ways of going about achieving the same goal. Whether 'beauty' is a photo series that captures moments of raw honesty that you can look back on in 10, 20, 30 years...or watching a beautiful, sweet 3yr old ballerina fly across the stage having overcome anxiety and fear - it's all the same. It's the stuff that triggers an honest response and gets you all teary.

I feel super-privileged to work at two jobs that I look forward to daily. When not teaching or taking photos, I'm hanging out in North Vancouver with my 'tribe' - my husband, doggie - and my own two beautiful - almost grown - 'sweet humans'.


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