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why pink petal
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why pink petal

Participating in fun, confidence-building activities as a child with a skilled instructor leads to mental well-being in kids. At Pink Petal Ballet, we take your child’s brain development seriously. We’re here to provide a safe place for your small person to express themselves physically and to be themselves emotionally.


Through learning dance and mindfulness, your child will gain social bonds, learn how to feel comfortable in a group, and gain insightful knowledge of how movement can affect their brains in a positive way.

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alix dunham

Alix founded Pink Petal Ballet 23 years ago and has been blessed to have taught so many beautiful people throughout that time span. Her love of small people and her intentional, holistic approach to improving kid's mental health through dance education makes Pink Petal Ballet an inclusive, safe + fun place for kids to express their individuality.

lindsay deakin

Lindsay's background in yoga, dance, mindfulness and parenting make her the perfect fit for Pink Petal Ballet. Her kindness, compassion and love of youngsters is infectious as she strives to bring out the best in each person she teaches.


our year-end performance

VIVID (1).png

VIVID is a story for anyone who has had their light ‘dimmed’. It involves a group of officials - the Shine Patrol, who intentionally seek out those who are too vibrant & too vivid in order to dim their light. Correspondingly, as the characters in the story age, their light seems to be dimmed as they take on the responsibilities of growing up. It’s the job of a savvy group of activists - the Spark Plugs, to find the location of the dimmer and set the dial to VIBRANT once again.

We’re so excited to present our year-end performance at Centennial Theatre on Sunday, June 25 featuring 260 Pink Petal dancers.

Tickets will be available through closer to *showtime*


summer camps
July 31 - August 4

Pink Petal Summer Camps are a beautiful combo of play + structure. We emphasize kindness, friendship, creativity, and movement while encouraging the dancers to let go and dance! Together, we’ll be learning some ballet basics, creating our own moves, making new friends, and finding the play in ballet. 

Shift Dance Academy 
*Drop-in Available - $45/day


5-6 yrs

6-8 yrs

Shift Dance Academy 

July 31 - August 4, 2023

1- 3 pm

spring schedule

spring schedule 

spring dates: march 27-june 24

registration for spring opens:
feb 22: classes at the pipe shop + shift dance academy  
mar 8: classes at delbrook + memorial recCentres

year-end performance: sunday, june 25 / centennial theatre for all classes 3yrs + up

2/3yrs + a grown-up





Pipe Shop, Shipbuilders' Square

Mon    1:45-2:30pm             Lindsay + Alix



where to find us

where to find us

Shift Dance Academy

1172 14 st w. North Vancouver

Delbrook Community Recreation Centre

851 w. Queens Rd. North Vancouver

Memorial Community Recreation Centre

123 e. 23rd St. North Vancouver

Pipe Shop. Shipbuilders' Square

115 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver

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